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Headlight Restoration

Most people don’t think of car headlights when they think of a mobile dent repair service but here at Car Clinic we take care of headlight restoration too. With age and exposure to the elements, headlights often go dull and develop a scratched appearance. Headlight restoration is a quick and inexpensive alternative to replacing old ineffective headlights.

Exposure to the many often severe elements that Perth drivers face can turn your car headlights from shiny and new to dull with a scratched like appearance. Dull headlights not only devalue your vehicle when you want to sell it but can be dangerous.

The yellow discolouration that gives a faded appearance is caused by the oxidisation of the outer cover surface which can seriously limit the effectiveness of the actual light itself. This matters especially for night driving and in poor weather conditions where your safety and the safety of others depends on the visibility and brightness of your headlights. Headlight restoration can eliminate the scratches and oxidisation and ensure future protection by adding a UV coating.

Modern day headlight lenses are constructed of a hard, porous plastics instead of traditional glass and acrylic. The coatings and sealants used only have the ability to withstand so much UV exposure before they fail and the lens starts to become clouded and hazy. Cloudy and hazy headlights diminish the amount of light that can then pass through the lens.

Headlight oxidisation and scratches can be repaired, saving you the expense of replacing them. We replace the cloudy and faded coating on the lens with an entirely new protective, qualitative UV coating that can withstand the Australian climate. Headlight restoration is performed by sanding, polishing and applying new sealants to the lens.

Why pay top dollar for new headlights when you can get your existing ones repaired for a fraction of the cost. Car Clinic’s headlight restoration service can fully restore headlight damage for a fraction of the price of a replacement. Repairs cost around $50 per headlight and take around one hour. We can also restore fog lights and spotlights.

Simply send a photograph of each headlight through the quick quote form for an instant quote to fully restore your headlights.

Let us bring our headlight restoration workshop to you. From the moment you request a quote from us we’ll look after you with total professionalism. Our fully equipped mobile dent repair vehicles are literally our workshop on wheels.

Unlike some mobile repair companies you can rest assured that the technician working on your car is trade qualified and highly experienced in the type of work they are carrying out. We never send out untrained or unqualified technicians.

Don’t put off the importance of headlight restoration, shield your headlights from harsh UV rays and give them longevity. On road visibility is vital, cloudy headlights reduce the brightness of your headlights, causing risk to both yourself, your passengers as well as other road users. For a fast and free quote call, text or use our online quote form to get in touch with us and we’ll respond within 12 hours. we’re Perth based and will come to your home or workplace anywhere in the Perth area.