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Buff and Polish Car

One of the fastest and easiest ways to bring a new lease of life back to your car is to treat it to our professional buff and polish car service. It’s like a makeover for your car. It’s an important service that’s often overlooked as part of car restoration and car detailing.

Every vehicle can benefit from having a professional buff and polish, it’s the most affordable way to add an instant long lasting noticeable improvement to your car’s exterior. Abuff and polish gives the most improvement for the lowest investment.

If your car’s paintwork is oxidised or contains fine scratches and swirl marks a buff and polishwill help.Especially noticeable on cars with dark paintwork, swirl marks can be visible even after cleaning. A buff and polish can also greatly reduce the potentially permanent damage caused by tree sap, bat and bird droppings and splattered eggs which are extremely harmful to the paintwork on your vehicle because they contain acidic contaminants. Tree sap, bird and bat droppings should be removed immediately to eliminate their damaging effects tothe clear coat on your car.

Our highly qualified technicians provide full car or localised buffing solutions as the first defence against a damaged clear coat. We fully understand the properties of clear coat and paint materials and know how they should be treated. We treat the exterior of your car as delicately as you would treat you own skin. We use only  premium quality products formulated to bring your car back to the healthy glow of a well looked after car.

For a showroom shine in no time, we’ll bring our mobile dent repair service to you and make over your vehicle with the buff and polish car treatment it deserves. Car Clinic can rejuvenate your vehicle’s clear coat to restore its original lustre.

Simply phone, text or contact us via our fast online quote form and you’ll hear from us within 12 hours. We come to you with our mobile dent repair workshop which is fully equipped with everything we need in order to provide you with the best professional buff and polish possible.