Why Choose a Mobile Repairer Over a Panel Shop

Why Choose a Mobile Repairer Over a Panel Shop

  • 20 Jul, 2016
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Why should you choose a mobile repairer over a panel shop?

The most obvious reason is convenience. A service that comes to you will save you both time and inconvenience. It allows you to get on with your usual daily routine without the unnecessary bother of having to drop your car in to a panel shop and having to arrange alternative transport then collect your car when the work is complete.

Being able to drive to work and drive home in a perfectly repaired car at the end of your day is a totally realistic outcome with a mobile dent repair service. Quite simply, time and convenience saved is also money saved.

But the benefits don’t stop there. For minor damage such as bumper repairs, dent repairs and scratch repairs there is no need to take your car to a traditional body repair shop. Technology advances in paint composition and colour matching along with specialised processes that enable small areas to be repaired to an almost new like condition mean that most small repairs can be fixed on location.

Mobile dent repair services specialise in small repairs and are well equipped to undertake them. The processes used for many small repairs require many years experience so make sure you choose a company with experienced and qualified professionals in techniques such as PDR (Paintless dent removal) and SMART (small and medium area repair technology) repairs.

Most small repairs can be done within 2 to 3 hours so having a ‘come to you’ service is an appropriate solution to a traditional panel shop. All of the professional processes and guarantees you would expect from a traditional panel shop are also available with a mobile dent repair service. Professional mobile dent repair services stock their mobile workshops equally as well as any panel shop and probably even more so because of the distinct type of regular work undertaken by a mobile dent repair service.

With low overheads a mobile repairer can offer a lower cost repair for you. With low repair costs you don’t even need to worry about your insurance premiums increasing. Having a great looking car in good condition is an affordable option with a mobile repair service.

At Car Clinic Perth we service all suburbs of Perth. Our experienced tradesmen specialise in smaller repairs such as bumper repairs, dent repairs and scratch repairs and all our work is guaranteed. You won’t lose your car for days on end and you get the convenience of qualified professionals that come to you. Most repairs we do take only a few hours which means you can be driving a ‘new’ like car the same day.

To find out if we can help you call us, text us or request a quote using our online quote form. We’ll get back to you within 12 hours with a no obligation quote.