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Dent Repairs

It’s almost inevitable that at some stage every car owner will end up with a dent. From minor road accidents to unforseen weather events or just those little mishaps that happen like shopping trolley dings.Don’t let these annoying incidents ruin your day!

Far from the common misconception that repairing dents has to be costly, inconvenient and time consuming, you’ll find virtually all dents can be repaired within 2-3 hours without you having to lose your car to a panel shop for days. And best of all, your insurance premiums won’t be affected.

In conjunction with our mobile paint and paintless dent repair services. Car Clinic also undertakes small to medium dent repairs.

There are two types of dent repairs. Paintless dent repairs are dent repairs which require a special technique called PDR (Paintless dent removal) which manipulates the dent back into shape without the need to repaint it. This technique is used when the dent has not caused any damage to the paintwork.

If the dent has damagedthe paintwork then thedent removalwill require re-painting. We useS.M.A.R.T repair (small to medium area repair technology) which involves the use of modern techniques and a specially formulated paint that enables us to paint the damaged area only rather than having to repaint the entire panel. The process is the same as seen in a traditional panel shop (same skills, materials and process) except a SMART repair keeps the repair very small and attempts to avoid painting multiple panels by blending the paint coverage into the repaired panel.

On average, most dent repairs we do cost between $200 and $300 and take between 2 and 3 hours. All our technicians are trade qualified with a minimum of 10 years experience and all our work is backed with a 5 year warranty. When we work on your car you can be 100% confident that your car is in the best of hands.

Dent removal is achieved by first sanding back the repair then repairing the dent using a variety of techniques to bring the damaged panel as close as possible to its original form. Using fine fill, as little as possible, we can smooth out any imperfections. Once this has dried it can be sanded smooth. The dent repair area is then primed, coloured and lacquered to seamlessly blend into the surrounding panel area making the original dent difficult to distinguish.

We are able to access the paint code from the vehicle and enter the code into our onboard computer system which provides us with the formula to mix the specific paint colour required to match your vehicle. We use a Dupont colour matching system which enables us to make up any available car colour onsite. This means that no matter what colour your vehicle is, we have everything on hand to get an exact paint colour match.

We then apply a base coat over our repair, blending the colour into the panel. A high quality clear coat is then applied and the repair is then baked and polished in needed.

Our mobile dent repair vehicles are fully-equipped as workshops which means we can provide, hail damage repair and dent removal repair work to a high quality commercial standard at a fraction of the price of traditional body shop methods with the convenience of coming to your home or workplace. All we need is a power connection.

While we recognise that extensive dent repairs should be conducted in a panel shop, our trade qualified technicians undertake dent repair as part of our repair process for a fraction of the cost of panel shop repairs.

Each van is equipped with dent removal equipment that allows us to tackle repairs that are traditionally not undertaken by mobile repairers. Our technician deliver a handcrafted repair solution to you at your home or workplace for a fraction of the cost you would expect.
Most repairs cost less than insurance excess costs and means there is no impact on your insurance premiums or rating.

Get a free no obligation quote for dent repairs by SMS or via our online quote form and we’ll get back to you within 12 hours.We service all suburbs of Perth with our mobile dent repair service and expert technicians.

Photos don’t always show the full extent of the damage so if you send photos via our online quick quote form, please be aware that any quotations given are still subject to an onsite evaluation.