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Paintless Dent Repairs

Dents aren’t always the result of driving related accidents. Even the best drivers can fall victim to unpreventable dents and scratches. Minor collisions, runaway shopping trolleys, falling tree branches, hail damage and other storm related damage can all cause frustrating and ugly dents on your otherwise perfect condition car.

Most dents that leave paintwork unmarked can be fixed using an environmentally friendly paintless dent repair method which removes the dent without the need for repainting. By using this technique, there is also no need for filling or sanding which also means there is no need for costly panel replacements or a full panel repaint.

Paintless dent repair is an inexpensive and effective alternative to traditional body shop repairs and by using this method you’ll get a repair that retains the integrity of the original structure, so that your vehicle remains as close as possible to its original factory like condition.

Traditional dent repairs involve using filler packed in the damaged area in order to create a smooth surface which can then be painted over to match the rest of the vehicle. Although the result might look good, superficial repairs really only hide the damage rather than fix it.

Dents that occur to the metal body of a vehicle actually stretch the metal rather than just causing a dent. Dents to metal work cannot simply be hit from the opposite side and pushed back into shape.
The technique that is used for achieving paintless dent repairs is called PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) which requires many years of specialised training to perfect. Not all dent removal services have trained PDR technicians so be sure that you don’t get any dent repairs done unless it is by a properly trained PDR technician who specialises in the field ofpaintless dent repairs.

Before any paintless dent repairsare undertaken, we first need to assess the damage to make sure this is the right method to fix it. Where the dent is located, how large the dent is and how accessible the dent is, all needs to be taken into consideration.In almost all cases (80-90%), dents that haven’t damaged the paintwork can be repaired using the PDR method. Dents repaired using the PDR technique will not compromise the structure of your vehicle or significantly affect its resale value.

The area around the dent is then prepared and any panels, tail lights or headlights lights that restrict access to the rear of the dent are carefully removed.Some cases may even require an interior panel to be removed. It is critical that the technician has clear access to both sides of the dent.

This process is conducted by a technician gaining access to the internal cavity of a panel and using a variety of metal rods to reach the location of the dent(s). A high powered light is used to show a reflection on the car panel to highlight the dent in more detail. This allows the technician to gauge the perfect amount of pressure and location of pressure to apply to each dent to massage the repair back to its original form. This process has been primarily developed for hail repair.Paintless dent repair requires enormous skill and unwavering patience.

At Car Clinic we have a expert PDR subcontractors who specialise in this highly technical field of paintless dent repairs . We come to you with our mobile dent repair service which covers all suburbs of Perth.

Being a mobile dent repair servicemeans thatCar Clinic can offer you total convenience by attending to all repairs at your home or work place at a fraction of the cost you would pay at traditional panel shops.

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