How to Prepare a Car for Sale

How to Prepare a Car for Sale

  • 15 Dec, 2016
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Here are 4 tips on how to prepare a car for sale and maximise your asking price.

Be prepared. Just like a good boy scout. The first and most important tip is to start preparing your car as soon as you know you plan to sell it. This will help spread out any costs you need to make in order to bring your car up to the sale standard required. If you leave things to the last minute you become a desperate seller and desperation will drive the selling price down.

Put yourself in a buyers shoes. The seller and buyer both want different things but with a little forethought you can create a win-win transaction that will please both parties. Think about what they buyer will want. A car that looks good and runs well will most likely be the buyer’s top priorities. A sensible buyer will want to take a look under the bonnet, in the boot as well as a thorough inspection of both outside and inside the car. A car that gives off  a good first impression is more likely to sell quickly and you’re more likely to be offered your asking price. Take the time to assess the inside and outside of your car and inventory possible areas for improvement.

Decide what repairs are worth doing. There are mechanical repairs and body repairs to consider. While mechanical problems are arguably the most important it’s important not to underestimate the value that the more superficial things like looks can bring. A buyer choosing a second hand car will expect some degree of wear and tear. A second hand car without any scratches or scuffs is very unusual so expectations on the seller should not be unreasonable. Consider having stone chips and bumper scuff marks repaired.

Lastly, a clean and tidy car is probably the easiest and least expensive way to make your car attractive to a potential buyer. You can do this yourself by clearing out any rubbish from your car, giving it a vacuum and a proper wash and wax. Some carpet deodoriser might be helpful in eliminating stubborn musty or unpleasant odours. Don’t forget to clean out the boot of the car!

To really freshen up your car consider using a professional full car detailing service. At Car Clinic our car detailing service includes a 3 stage paint rejuvenation process starting with a professional ‘cut’ to penetrate the clear coat of your car’s paintwork removing light scratches and blemishes. A final polish will give your car an eye catching shine and gleam sure to impress a buyer.

Professional car detailing can add significantly more value to the sale price so it’s definitely worth considering. At Car Clinic we offer a mobile dent repair service that can come to you anywhere in Perth. Our professional and highly skilled team can take care of inside and outside of your car to get it sale ready. Along with car detailing we do bumper repairs, dent repairs, paintless dent repairs and scratch repairs. In most instances where we do a pre-sale car detail, the investment more than pays for itself in the sale price.

If you follow these 4 tips you’ll have the best chance of getting a quick sale for the price you ask. Remember that the little things you don’t take care beforehand may make a potential buyer question how well the car has been looked after.