Should You Repair or Replace Your Car?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Car?

  • 15 Nov, 2016
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A new car might seem like a good idea but if the new car price is not within your budget you may be better off repairing your existing car. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it’ so the question is, is your car really ‘broke’ or is it repairable. In other words do you need a new car or do you just want a new car.

First you should assess the true condition of your current car. Maybe it’s old and maybe it’s lost its showroom shine. Maybe it’s wearing some battle scars from minor scrapes or suffered damage from unpreventable environmental elements such as weather, trees, birds and bats. Cars that are driven regularly rarely escape these inevitable annoyances and sooner or later unless you are vigilant about polishing and cleaning your car, its good looks can fade.

If your car’s engine is in sound condition without any major problems then a little TLC can be a great way to rejuvenate the old without the financial burden that purchasing a new car can bring.

The age of your existing car should also be taken into account before rushing out to buy a new one. Remember that if you take out a loan for a new car there’s a good chance by the time you pay it off the ‘new’ car will only be worth a fraction of the price you paid. If that’s the case, you may find yourself back in the same situation with the dilemma of whether to replace it with yet another new car!

So if your car is just ‘looking’ old and worn rather than actually being old and worn out, a small investment now might just satisfy your new car desire. Simple and cost effective services such as buff and polish and car detailing can make a drastic difference in the appearance of your car and also provide ongoing protection for keeping your car in top condition.

Here at Car Clinic we are a friendly team of fully qualified technicians who provide a mobile dent repair service for the people of Perth. We come to you so you experience the least disruption to your day. We can carry out a range of services that will ensure your car looks the best it can look.

A rejuvenation of your old car will likely cost less than insurance premiums which means you can avoid the headache of having to involve your insurance company with repair work.

Here are 3 questions you should ask before you get any car body work done.

Is the technician a qualified repairer? Not all mobile dent repair services are the same and some don’t even require a technician to be qualified in order to carry out work representing their company. Paintless dent repairs especially, require the technician to be highly trained and takes many years experience to master so be sure to ask about the technician’s credentials. Any professional company will have no problem with you asking.

Do the repairs come with a guarantee? Any decent professional car should offer a guarantee for their workmanship. At Car Clinic we give you a 5 year warranty and judging from our past clients, we’re very confident that you’ll be thrilled with our workmanship and service.

Is the repairer a reputable service provider? Word of mouth is one of the best recommendations but if you’re unsure, ask questions and trust your instinct. The quality of customer service have are given even before you become a customer can forecast the level of service you’ll probably get after you become a customer.