Should You Claim on Your Insurance?

Should You Claim on Your Insurance?

  • 5 Dec, 2016
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Whether you claim car repairs on your insurance will almost certainly depend on the cost of repairs versus the cost of claiming on your insurance policy. Claiming on your insurance not only means you’ll have to spend time doing paperwork and taking care of the claim process but there’s a good chance your insurance premiums will also go up, making your future ¬†insurance costs more expensive.

One unavoidable component of insurance is what’s known as ‘excess’ or a ‘deductable’. This is the baseline amount of money that you have to pay if you make a claim and your insurance company pays out. Your insurance cover is the amount your insurance company pays out to cover the difference between the excess that you have to pay and the total cost being claimed.

Regardless of who your insurer is there are generally 3 excess types. Basic excess, voluntary excess and age excess. Most insurers offer an option to increase the excess in exchange for a reduction in your premium. Each type of excess arrangement will affect the contribution you will be required to make in the event that you make a claim. You also need to consider whether your insurance premiums will be raised if you do make a claim. So even if the cost of repairs is slightly more than the amount you will be required to pay as an excess fee you may still end up paying more than the repair costs through higher premiums.

The good news is that most of the repairs we do here at Car Clinic cost less than insurance excess costs which means you can avoid claiming on your insurance and avoid insurance premium increases. Small dent repairs, bumper repairs and many paintless dent repairs can be done on site at your home or workplace in a matter of hours for less than the cost of insurance premiums.

Simply put, unless the cost of repairs will be significantly more than the cost of your insurance excess and any increase in your premiums then you would be best to pay the repair cost out of pocket. Before contacting your insurance company get a quote from a reputable car repair service so you know what your costs are and you can make an informed decision.

At  Car Clinic we can come to you anywhere in Perth with our mobile dent repair service. Our highly trained technicians are experienced in all types of repairs from bumper repairs, dent repairs, paint-less dent repairs, car detailing to scratch repair. We can give you a fast quote online using our quick quote form or by text or phone call.