Thinking of Selling Your Car?

Thinking of Selling Your Car?

  • 5 Nov, 2016
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Buying a new car can be exciting but for most people that also brings with it the problem of selling your old car. Whether you’re thinking of trading in your old car or selling it privately there are some important things to take into consideration.

One glance at an online car sale website will tell you that unless you’ve got a specialty or rare car, it’s a buyer’s marketplace. That means if you want your car to sell and you want it to fetch the top market value you might just have to go the extra mile so to speak.

So what can you do to give your old car a little ‘wow’ factor for a potential buyer?

First impressions count and looks can be a major factor in you being able to sell your car fast and at a price you’re happy with. Things like small scratches and bumper scuffs can put off a potential buyer and devalue your asking price by giving the buyer some negotiating leverage.

Small repairs such as bumper repairs or dent repairs can cost you less than you might think to have repaired. And by using a mobile dent repair service you also save yourself the inconvenience of having to take your car to a body shop and compare quotes and then be without your car for a few days while the repairs are being done.

Car Clinic will come to your workplace or home at your convenience and do all the repair work on site. Most small repairs can be done in just 2 to 3 hours and we can even do paintless dent repairs for those unsightly dents that are sure to devalue your asking price. As long as there is no paintwork damage we can generally return your car back to its original shape in just a few hours.

The most obvious thing a person can do to give their car an instant makeover is a wash, polish and a vacuum. If you don’t have at least a couple of hours to spare and some professional grade cleaning products you might just find that even after a bit of elbow grease you can still see swirl marks and light scratches on your car, especially noticeable on dark colour cars.

The best way to make sure your car looks the best it can is to get a professional buff and polish. Professional services like Car Clinic use special premium products formulated to treat the paintwork exterior of a car and bring it to a high gloss shine. The buff part of a buff and polish is a good defence against common car paintwork damage such as tree sap and bird droppings. A professional buff can remove light scratches and swirl marks that even a thorough hand wash can’t remove.

Another great way to add value to your car’s overall appearance is by sprucing up the interior. It is after all where the new owner will be spending most of their time. Travelling with children, pets and smokers can all take their toll on your car’s upholstery and carpet with spills and hair, not to mention odours that can be difficult to disguise. Car detailing is a process that will take care of the interior of your car as well as the outside and of course at Car Clinic we can do it all with our convenient and cost effective mobile dent repair service. You can get a quick quote online or give us a call or text and we’ll be happy to assist. We service all suburbs and areas in and around Perth.