What is a SMART repair?

What is a SMART repair?

  • 20 Jul, 2016
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SMART repair stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technology. It is the modern process of repairing localised car paintwork damage without having to treat the entire panel.

SMART repair is performed using specialised tools, paint and materials that can restore your car’s original paintwork and shine back to as close to new as is possible.

Twenty years ago before the rise of the SMART industry getting car body repairs done was expensive and time consuming, taking up a lot of time and space in a body shop for what were essentially small repairs.

Advances in technology have meant that your car’s paint colour can be matched exactly. A computerised system provides a code that is used as a formula for a mobile technician to mix up an exact match paint colour. Another benefit of this method is the specially formulated paint which enables partial painting rather than having to repaint the entire damaged panel.

If you’re getting ready to sell your car and would like it to fetch the highest market value, repairing exterior damage will give you the best chance.

Leaving damaged paintwork or panels can also cause long term problems to the structure of  the vehicle and scratches can leave your car susceptible to rust.

When it comes time to sell your car, you’ll get a better price for it if it’s in good condition. Looking good on the outside is a major factor in getting a good asking price. For most cars it’s worth having minor repairs done to fix any scratches and dents. Any money you spend on repairs should easily be able to be recouped through your selling price.

If a prospective buyer sees dents or scratches on your car it gives them some leverage to ask for a price reduction. First impressions count and if your car has obvious panel damage it’s likely the prospective buyer will look closer for even more damage.

The first step for getting a SMART repair done is to have the damage assessed by a professional to determine if the SMART process is an appropriate method to use to fix the damage. The types of damage that can be repaired using the SMART process are typically dents, scratches, alloy wheels, exterior trim and bumper repairs.

Cost and time are the main concerns for someone wanting to have scratches or  dents repaired. The good news is that SMART repairs are generally fast and uncomplicated, this usually means that the repair can be completed within just a few hours. Another benefit of SMART repairs is the convenience of not having to take your car to a body shop. Modern methods make it easy for professional technicians to bring their workshop to you making it a much more convenient way of having your car repaired and keeping the costs to a minimum.

To find out if your car’s dents and scratches can be repaired using the SMART repair process call us for a friendly free quote or complete our convenient online quick quote form. Our mobile dent repair service can come to your workplace or your home anywhere in Perth, city or suburbs.