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Wheel Repairs

There’s a good reason why people refer to their new car as a set of shiny new wheels. Wheels are the shoes your car is dressed in. You wouldn’t put on an old pair of worn out shoes with a nice new suit so why leave your car wheels marked or scratched?

If you have made the extra investment of alloy wheels or mag wheels on your vehicle then you’ll understand how much they add to your vehicle’s appeal and value. Finding a new exact match wheel can be a costly exercise. Instead, save yourself time and money by having a trade qualified expert come to you and take care of your wheel repairs.

Alloy wheel damage usually occurs around the edge of the wheel, most commonly as a result of scraping against a gutter.

What type of wheel repairs can we fix?

Wheels are either finished with paint, chrome or a machine. If your wheels have a painted finish we can help you. Our onsite repairs are done from the comfort of your home or workplace by our fully equipped mobile dent repair workshop on wheels, which means we come to you.

Because of the specialised premium paints we use we don’t need to re-paint the entire wheel. We paint only the areas with the marks. This means you can now get wheel repairs done to a high commercial standard at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop methods that require you to leave you car with them while you work around the inconvenience of being without a car. The best thing is that this is all done fast and cost effective without any disruption to your day.

There’s no need to replace wheels just because of minor scratches or gutter scuff marks. At Car Clinic we’ll repaint your wheels so they look brand new.

When you contact us here at Car Clinic we make sure we look after you and provide you with the level of detail and service that we know you deserve. We strive for 100% when it comes to happy clients and happy cars! And we don’t settle for anything less.

You’ll immediately see the benefits of having immaculate wheels. Whether you’re getting your car ready to sell or you just want to revive your alloy or mag wheels to their former glory. You’ve already made a significant investment in adding value and looks to your car with specialty wheels so it makes sense to keep them in top notch condition.

Gutter scrapes and scratches are hard to avoid but the good news is that getting them repaired is now inexpensive and fast and can be conveniently done at your Perth home or workplace.
Why not bring back the shine on your wheels with our quick and easy wheel repairs that will remove all trace of gutter rash.

We are a professional mobile dent repair service which means we can offer you the convenience of having an expert technician come to you for wheel repairs.